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Free Press writes about catechism-tweeting Dr. Nicholas Greco

Tuesday, September 4, 2018


In her weekly Faith Page column in the Winnipeg Free Press, Brenda Suderman turned her attention to “faithful tweeter” Dr. Nicholas Greco.

Dr. Greco, Associate Professor of Communications & Media here at Providence, is tweeting his way through the catechism of the Catholic Church, reducing each of the document’s 2,865 paragraphs into bite-sized, Twitter-friendly statements. It’s a project that will take him more than two years.

“It forces you to think about what you’re saying, to try to be as accurate as you can and concise as you can,” he says, adding, “As a Christian, as a Christian university professor, as a media studies professor, part of this is a social media experiment.”

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Photo: Andrew Ryan / Winnipeg Free Press

Author - Providence