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Providence Pilots host MCAC volleyball championships this weekend..

Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Providence Pilots host MCAC volleyball championships this weekend.

The Providence Pilots Men’s volleyball team enters into the MCAC Championship as the number three seed with a record of 8-8 and will face number two seed: University of Saint Boniface Les Rouges who enter the post-season with a 11-5 record. The Pilots are set to take off Saturday, February 23rd at 3:00PM.

The Pilots have a 1-3 record against the Les Rouges this season but have held their own when playing at home in the Jubilee Auditorium, winning 5 of 3 sets in the two matches. Head coach Scott Masterson is excited for the weekend and commented: “We feel ready for the matchup and are excited for the chance to host the MCAC Championships!”

MCAC Final Four action starts on Saturday morning at 11:00AM!

WVB Semi-Final #1 - 11:00am - #2 USB vs. #3 RRC
WVB Semi-Final #2 - 1:00pm - #1 CMU vs. #4 ACC
MVB Semi-Final #1 - 3:00pm - #2 USB vs. #3 PUC
MVB Semi-Final #2 - 5:00pm - #1 CMU vs. #4 ACC

Come out and support your Pilots!

Watch the action live: HERE

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