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Pilots Flight Report: Women’s Soccer – October 19 & 20

Monday, October 21, 2019


The Providence Pilots Women's Soccer team honoured two graduating athletes this past sunday and they participated in the final regular season home game. Amelia Reimer and Madison Will both have been playing soccer here at Providence for 4 years and will be graduating in the spring.

The Graduating Athletes who receive this recognition have competed as a varsity athlete at Providence for a minimum of two years and are graduating with a minimum of a 3-year bachelor’s degree.

These athletes are valued by the institution for their commitment to their studies and for completing their degree here at Providence.

These athletes are valued by their respective teams for their long-term commitment to the program. Their experience, dedication and leadership are major contributing factors to the success of their teams.

Game #1
GAME: Providence Pilots vs Red River College
SCORE: Win 1-0
DATE: October 19
LOCATION:  Winnipeg, MB


Makayla Myer - 1 goal

Morgan Andries - 11 saves, shoutout

Game #2
GAME: Providence Pilots vs Assiniboine Community College
SCORE: W 2-0
DATE:  October 20
LOCATION: Otterburne, MB

Claire Yager - 8 shots, 1 goal

Caleigh Peden - 1 goal

Kara Kamai - 8 saves, shoutout

FROM THE COACH: This weekend was a great weekend for our team. We headed into this weekend knowing we were secure in an MCAC playoff spot which allowed me to be able to use the whole bench and find time for everyone to play. The team put together two great team wins and now have a record of 5 wins in a row for MCAC play. Going into next weeks playoffs I am excited because our team is healthy and playing our best soccer. If we play at our best level we will be a hard team to beat. - Tory Walker

PLAYER’S VIEW: The girls and I have worked our butts off to get where we are today as a team which is easy for everyone to see. We are going into the mcac championships with confidence in how we play and couldn’t be more ready, especially after two wins this weekend. We are all healthy, prepared and absolutely pumped for next weekend. - Caleigh Peden

NEXT UP: MCAC Championships
DATE: October 26 & 27
LOCATION: Otterburne, MB

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