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Pilots Flight Report: Men's Basketball November 15-17

Wednesday, November 21, 2018


Report: Men’s Basketball November 15-17

The Pilots were on the road to play 3 games in 3 days in our biggest road trip of the season.

Game #1
GAME: Providence Pilots (3-8) vs. Faith Baptist Bible College Eagles (2-3)
SCORE: Loss 88-96
DATE: November 15, 2018

#6 Jordan Lawson 28 pts – 8 rbs – 8 assists – 2 steals
#11 Waedon Dueck 14 pts – 5 rbs
#7 Tyler Klassen 10 pts (3-6 on 3 pts) – 5 rbs

Game #2
GAME: Providence Pilots (3-9) vs. Central Chrisitan College of the Bible Saints (3-3)
SCORE: Loss 92-103
DATE: November 16, 2018

#6 Jordan Lawson 31 pts – 7 assists – 9 rbs
#8 DeMar Kraus 15 pts (3-8 on 3 pts) – 5 rbs
#2 Chris Disck 12 pts – 8 rbs – 5 assists
#11 Waedon Dueck 13 pts – 5 rbs

Game #3
GAME: Providence Pilots (3-10) vs. Calvary University Warriors (2-2)
SCORE: Loss 75-87
DATE: November 17, 2018
LOCATION: Kansas City, MO

#2 Chris Dick 23 pts (3-3 on 3 pts) – 8 rbs – 4 assists – 37 minutes
#6 Jordan Lawson 20 pts – 5 rbs – 2 steals – 40 minutes
#8 DeMar Kraus 20 pts (6-13 on 3 pts) – 35 minutes

PLAYER’S VIEW: Eric Klassen
We came out strong at the beginning of the game, moving the ball well and getting good looks. Unfortunately, we struggled to rebound, as the size advantage that Faith had started to be a problem. We came back and played hard as a family, but Defense struggled to hold the big men. The game was very close to turning in our favour, so it was a tough loss to swallow.
We regrouped and looked to bounce back against Central Christian. This was an intense back and forth game, with both teams struggling on Defense. Central was able to string some stops at the end of the game, holding off our strong comeback push. We played well as a group, but couldn’t finish the way we wanted. It was tough to drop back to back close games.
Taking note of what needed to be worked on, we played our third game in three days. Staying tight as a family was the key to the intensity we brought against Calvary University. We played in a loud gym with an intense atmosphere. We played our best game of the trip, playing as a unit on Defense, and getting good open looks on offense. Clutch shooting brought us back into the game in the second half. Calvary played well and managed to hit a few shots. Even though it was a loss we were proud of how we played and had a lot of positives to take away from it.

Being on a bus for so long and playing 3 games in 3 days is everything but easy for a team. Especially when it’s the first time for more than 50% of the team. You have to manage the tiredness. All the guys have shown an amazing team spirit during all the trip. They defined them self as a family, and I think that they have proved to our opponent that we definitely are one. Our ball movement and aptitude to shot the ball from everywhere gave some struggled to stop our offence to the 3 teams we played against. Unfortunately, we struggled with our Defense, especially against Faith and Central. With a couple of minutes more to play in both games we could have come back enough to get the win. But it was a good signal for us that our Defense needed to be more strong. Ending the trip by playing against Calvary was not easy. But I think that it was the best way to end our trip. I always say to the guys that we need to play as a fist. If 1 finger of the hand tries to get out of the fist, it’s not anymore a fist, and it’s not strong anymore.
We played the last game strong. The team showed great solidarity in Defense, using a Defense that we practiced just one time to stop plenty of basketball from the Warriors offence. I want to underline the attitude of the Freshmen to adjust to this level. Tyler Klassen, starting for the first time during the 3 games, brought to the team his ability to shoot well the 3 pts with a 3-3 above the arc on the second game. DeMar Klaus has been unstoppable a couple of times in the second and third game but especially passed to the next level in the last game in his focus and intensity in Defense. He ended the last game with a strong 20 pts shooting 6 for 13 above the arc. Waedon Dueck also had 2 strong games against Faith and Central.
And what about our returning players? JT Lawson ended the second game with a season-high of 31 pts. Chris Dick has led the team in the last game as Cash Blanca was struggling with a knee injured. He scored 20 pts and did an amazing job with JT Lawson and Waedon Dueck in Defense to avoid easy basket on the big of Calvary.
Everybody gave a lot for the team, including the bench who brought so much energy to help everybody staying focus. 
I want to end by saying how I’m proud of my team. We didn’t have any wins this week, but it was definitely a victory to see the team play like that. They learned from every past night, game after game. Of course, we still need to improve a lot in our game, but I’m convinced that this trip was a new starting point for us and that everybody is coming back home stronger than ever.

NEXT UP: Providence Pilots (3-11) vs. Oak Hills Chrisitan College (0-9)
DATE: December 1, 2018

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