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Pilots Flight Report: Men's Basketball - January 19 & 20

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Bball News

Pilots Flight Report: Men's Basketball - January 19 & 20

This weekend was a special weekend here at Providence as we MADE SOME NOISE for mental health.Here at Providence mental health is important to us, we want to help end the stigma around mental health and keep the conversation going! At providence we offer free counseling, have coaches that care, a community that supports and teammates that hold each other up.

If you're stuggling with mental health, talk to someone today, and keep the conversation going!

After a really long Christmas break, the Pilots men's basketball team were back on the floor for a doubleheader against Trinity Bible College Lions.

Game #1
GAME: Providence Pilots Vs Trinity Lions
SCORE: 80-81
DATE: 01-19-2020
LOCATION: Otterburne, MB
#6 Jordan Lawson: 25 pts – 8 rebs – 4 Assists
#8 Daniel Kilmartin: 12 pts – 16 rebs – 2 Steals
#9 Glenn Pronteau: 10 pts (100% success) – 5 Rebs – 2 Assists – 2 Steals

Game #2
GAME: Providence Pilots Vs Trinity Lions
SCORE: 93-81
DATE: 01-20-2020
LOCATION: Otterburne, MB
#8 Daniel Kilmartin: 17 pts – 3 Rebs – 2 Assists
#4 Bryant Smith: 16 pts – 7 Rebs – 3 Assists
#11 Waedon Dueck: 14 pts – 12 Rebs

"Losing at home is always tough. The fans were present and gave us energy, but we were not quite as ready as Trinity was on the first game. We targeted one of their best player in defence, holding him to 6 points only when averaging 18.85 points per game since the beginning of the season. Unfortunately, we were unable to stop Logan Klitzke who had his night behind the arc, scoring 11 three pointers in the game! Beyond that, it was really frustrating to see the lack of aggressiveness in our offence, when our team has so many great scorers! A great surprise for me was to see Lucas Mack using his minutes off the bench to score 8 points for us, alongside Glenn Pronteau bringing 10 more.
Ready to react in the second game, we approached it differently. I’m proud of the team for the way they reacted and bounced back. However, our main challenge is now to be able to perform every night, especially for this kind of double header. Like the night before, our bench was really strong. Blake Garing had a college career-high of 9 points, Joshua Armstrong brought us 11 more of the bench and starter Daniel Kilmartin took care of business, scoring 17. Turning our eyes and effort toward AFLBS and our next trip to the US, we must find a way to refocus our strengths and be ready to hammer what we do the best for 40 minutes, instead of waiting for the end of the game to wake up." - Pierre Dubreuil

“Last week, our games got cancelled. So, Trinity was our first game after having a month off for break. In the first game, we definitely started out slow and continued to play the whole game badly. But with 4 seconds left on the clock, we put ourselves in a position to win the game. Unfortunately, I missed a shot I make 8/10 times. This game will be good for me and us as a team to grow. The second game was still rough but we took care of business. Both games our bigs proved they are a problem on the offences glass, it’s good to see that from them. We also had Blake and Lucas give us a big boost off the bench.” - Jordan Lawson

NEXT UP: Providence Pilots Vs FLBS
DATE: Jan. 24 and 25
LOCATION: Minneapolis, MN

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