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Dorothea Schulz selected as Recipient of the FACP grant from the CCAA

Monday, July 19, 2021


Providence is excited to have been selected by the CCAA to receive funding as a part of the FACP (Female Apprentice Coach Program). “The FACP, which is funded by Sport Canada, is designed to identify and support female graduating student-athletes who demonstrate the desire and skills for coaching by providing them opportunities to share in the coaching experience in CCAA sports. The goal of the FACP is to increase access for young women to coach at a post-secondary competitive level, provide high level quality coaching mentorship, and support their professional development to facilitate their continued pursuit of coaching.” (CCAA) Dorothea Schulz, who is receiving this grant, is a recent graduate of Providence and former women’s soccer player. Doro becomes the first Providence coach to receive this CCAA grant.

Doro, is currently completing her M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She has begun working on her thesis research, which focuses on integrating creative movement with teaching English. She is particularly interested in therapeutic elements of sports and how it can be applied to teaching while minimizing trauma, stress and anxiety. While competing on the women’s soccer team, in her senior season, Doro was the team’s spiritual leader. Now as an assistant coach, she will continue to grow her leadership with the team. “I’m super pumped to be a part of the coaching staff for the women’s soccer team! As a former prov player, I have cherished the community atmosphere of the soccer program and I am excited to be a part of that again. I hope to strengthen team unity and create a close-knit team where players become more than teammates; a place where they become lifelong friends. At the soccer level, I want to see the women growing stronger and faster on the field. I have a heart for fitness, especially for endurance training. I believe that a good team is a fit team! However, what I am most excited about is to grow with the team on a spiritual level. My hope is that we will copy Christ’s servant-leadership; that the players and coaches alike will become servant-leaders who care for one another joyfully.” Dorothea Schultz

Doro will be joining a well-established coaching staff under head coach Tory Walker who will be entering his 6th season at the helm. Tory coached Doro for 3 of her 4 seasons with the Pilots. “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Doro and have her along side as an assistant coach. Doro has been here as a player since my first year of coaching 6 years ago. Through those years Doro has gained my trust and respect. It is her strong character, passion for the game of soccer and her servant heart that will make her a valuable member to this coaching staff.” Tory Walker

Providence would like to thank the CCAA for selecting Doro to receive this grant, and we are thrilled to see her grow as a coach. We look forward to seeing the impact she has on our women’s soccer team.

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