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Brampton ON. Sends Another Star to the Pilots

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Vincent Chukwuma Rotator (2)

Brampton Ontario sends another star soccer player to the Pilots. Vincent Chukwuma attended St. Martens Secondary and most recently competed with the Futsal Club Toronto. Now setting his flight course for Providence, he will pull on the Pilots navy in hopes of raising a banner with his new team.

With a long history in futsal, Vincent brings ball control and excellent footwork to the Pilots. Pairing his short game with his ability to play both ends of the long ball, Vincent is a major threat that will help the Pilots this fall. In anticipation of both outdoor and futsal seasons, coach Passi is excited for the level of ball control that Vincent will add.

Finding character players with skill to move the needle is hard to find, but coach Passi is convinced with the addition of his latest recruit. “Vincent comes from a fantastic family who value what’s good. He is hard working, and a talented young man, says coach Passi.” Chukwuma is a music enthusiast. When he is not playing soccer or watching basketball, he is composing, writing or listening to music.

“I am very excited to join the Pilots Program. My educational goal has always been to play the sport I love while getting my education. I thank God for this opportunity.”

Welcome to Providence and the Pilots family.

Author - Athletics