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2020-2021 Recognition of Graduating Athletes

Friday, March 26, 2021

Banquet News

2020-2021 Recognition of Graduating Athletes

Hello Providence Pilots fans, family, staff, faculty and alumni.

A message from the Director of Athletics Scott Masterson:

"Typically, today is the day that Pilot athletes and teams come together for an evening to celebrate their achievements, reflect on their growth and look back on all the special memories. Although this year did not go the way we hoped, we still want to take today to recognize and applaud the graduating athletes that have dedicated their time, energy and talents during their time at Providence.

The graduating athletes who we are recognizing today have competed as a varsity athlete at Providence for a minimum of two years and are graduating from one of our programs. These athletes are highly valued by the institution, coaches and teammates for their commitment to their studies and to their sport." 

Join their coaches today as we recognize, celebrate and acknowledge the following athletes.

Women's Basketball

Esther Ruchegeza: 2017-2021 Bachelor of Science, General Biology
“Esther has always been the best teammate. She is friendly, compassionate and an encouraging presence amongst her peers. Esther became a key player, adding depth off the bench and contributing greatly in some of our biggest games. It has been great to see her grow and mature over her time with us and I know we will miss her in many ways.” - Joel Coursey, Head Coach Women's Basketball

Alena Collier: 2016-2021 Bachelor of Arts, Communications & Media
“It has been a joy working with Alena over these past five years. She has developed into a strong leader in our program. Alena has grown her game and learned man skills that will transcend her time as a college basketball player. She is tough, strong and hard working and I know that she will continue those traits into whatever comes next in her life. I wish her the best and she will be greatly missed by her teammates and coaches.” Joel Coursey, Head Coach Women's Basketball

Hannah Van Schie: 2017-2021 Bachelor of Arts, Humanities
“Hannah is an exceptional athlete and a fierce competitor. She has always been a strong player, from her first season to her last, growing with each year that passed. It is sad that we will never know if she would have eclipsed the 1000 career point milestone, but I bet she would have blown past it. It will be hard to replace what Hannah provides on the court, but it may be equally hard to replace her humor and character that she shared off the court.” Joel Coursey, Head Coach Women's Basketball

Women's Volleyball

Katy Warkentine: 2017-2021, Bachelor of Science
“It has been an absolute honor being Katy’s coach over the last 4 years. She has been a consistently effective middle in the front row, a phenomenal server, but more importantly a true representative of what a Providence Pilot looks like. Katy is the teammate everyone wants to play with and for. She has made a lasting impression on me and those she has played with over the last 4 years. I’m sad that she doesn’t get the proper send off she deserves this year but I’m excited to see what’s next for Katy. I will miss the athlete, teammate, and leader she has been for us. Thank you for your dedication over your amazing career!” - Kyle Guenther, Head Coach Women's Volleyball

Women's Soccer

Rebekah Stevenson: 2017-2021, Bachelor of Arts, Major in Sociology (Honours) minor in TESOL
"Rebekah was a joy to coach and an inspirational example to her team. Both on and off the field she grew immensely from year one to year four. As a player, she proved what hard work and perseverance can achieve. More importantly, Rebekah has a servant heart and passion for her teammates that is irreplaceable. She is willing to do thankless jobs and keeps a positive attitude. Her courage to stand up for her convictions and principles are just one of the many leadership skills that will be greatly missed. You have been a difference maker to this team and to the Providence community. I have full confidence that you will continue to make a difference in the lives of many others as you move forward from here. Thank you Beks for all you have done for this Pilots team!" - Tory Walker, Head Coach Women's Soccer

Claire Yager: 2018-2021, Bachelor of Science
"A few of the words I would use to describe Claire are ultra competitive and passionate for the game of soccer. Her tenacity and determination helped her overcome an injury that would have kept many others from ever playing soccer at a high level again. Not only was her perseverance to get back on the field a testament to her character, but it also encouraged her coaches and motivated her teammates. On the field, she continued to learn and grow throughout her college career. Her strong understanding of the game makes her a versatile player. Her strength and aggression is a force to deal with. I have no doubt she will take this passion, strength and determination into the rest of her life. Thank you Claire for being part of this Pilots team!" - Tory Walker, Head Coach Women's Soccer

Men's Basketball

William Dueck: 2019-2021, Bachelor of Arts Social Sciences
“Will has been an outstanding member of the men’s basketball team. His energy, dedication to playing his role and passion for sharing Jesus with his teammates has been amazing to witness. What he brought to our program is very valuable and difficult to replace. I’m excited for what the future holds for him.” - Pierre Dubreuil, Head Coach Men's Basketball

Men's Volleyball

Thomas Copland: 2019-2021, Associate of Arts in Business
“Thomas is an all around Pilot student athlete. He demonstrates what it means to be a servant leader in the way he conducts himself on and off the court, in the classroom and in the community. Thomas has been a vital piece for our program during his tenure at Providence and he will surely be missed. We are proud and thankful that Thomas chose to complete his degree at Providence and we are cheering him on as he enters his next phase of his life.” - Cody Quiring, Head Coach Men's Volleyball

Congratulations from Providence Athletics. You will forever be a Providence Pilot!

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