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Patricia Janzen Loewen





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Patricia Janzen Loewen

I enjoy dreaming about and planning for trips to Europe. I'm fond of gardening—both flowers and vegetables—and hope to expand experience into growing heritage vegetable varieties. I have recently planted a number of fruit trees (better described as twigs perhaps) and have great expectations of beautiful trees and sweet produce.

  • 211.11 Western Civilization I: Ancient to High Middle Ages
  • 211.12 Western Civilization II: High Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century
  • 211.14 History of Canada II: Confederation to the Present
  • 211.26 History of Christianity I: Early Church to the Renaissance
  • 211.27 History of Christianity II: Reformation to the Twentieth Century
  • 211.30 Guided Readings: Historical Fiction
  • TS5101 Survey of Church History

University of British Columbia (BC)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


University of Manitoba & University of Winnipeg (MB)

Master's Degree (M.A.), Joint Program, Religion


University of Manitoba (MB)

Bachelor's Degree (B.A.), with Distinction



  • Providence University College, Faculty (since 2007)

Professional Associations

  • Canadian Historical Association
  • American Academy of Religion
  • American Historical Association
  • American Society of Church History
  • Canadian Society of Church History
  • Executive of the Canadian Society of Church History, Member at Large

Book Reviews

  • Janzen Loewen, Patricia. Review of Kroeger Clocks by Arthur Kroeger. Journal of Mennonite Studies 31 (2013): 246-247.
  • Dictionary of Evangelical Theology, s.v. “Memory” (new entry) by Patricia Janzen Loewen, forthcoming.
  • Janzen Loewen, Patricia. Review of Marpeck: A Life of Dissent and Conformity by Walter Klaassen and William Klassen. Didaskalia, forthcoming.
  • Janzen Loewen, Patricia. Review of Tongue Screws and Testimonies, ed. by Kirsten Eve Beachy, Journal of Mennonite Studies 29 (2011): 270-271.
  • Janzen Loewen, Patricia. Review of Women in Early Austrian Anabaptism, Their Days, Their Stories, by Linda A. Huebert Hecht, Journal of Mennonite Studies 28 (2010): 262-263.
  • Janzen Loewen, Patricia. Review of May There Be No Sadness of Farewell by Agnes Grant. Rhubarb, 28 (Winter 2011): 46-48.
  • Janzen Loewen, Patricia. Review of Stories: How Mennonites Came to Be by John D. Roth. Didaskalia, Winter 2008: 198-201.