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Meet the Faculty

The faculty at Providence are world-class teacher-mentors, researchers and leaders who are keenly invested in your spiritual development and academic success. They are Christian men and women who understand that faith is a journey and are here to assist you on your path. They are academic, professional and spiritual advisors. They’ll ask the tough questions, guide you to find the answers and invite you to share your ideas and opinions. You’ll develop lifelong connections  with them that will serve you well in the world.

Full Time Faculty

Kenton Anderson Kenton Anderson
President; Professor of Homiletics
Angelle Arinobu Angelle Arinobu, M.A.
Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology
Ibiyemi Arowolo Ibiyemi Arowolo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Yinka Bammeke Yinka Bammeke, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Mathematics
Daryl Climenhaga Daryl Climenhaga, D.Miss.
Associate Professor of Global Studies
Marcio Coelho Marcio Coelho, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Business Administration
Joshua Coutts Joshua Coutts, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of New Testament
Robert Dean Robert Dean, Th.D.
Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics
Rebecca Dielschneider Rebecca Dielschneider, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology
Bruce Duggan Bruce Duggan, M.B.A.
Associate Professor of Management
Michael Gilmour Michael Gilmour, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of New Testament & English Literature
Nicholas Greco Nicholas Greco, Ph.D.
Provost pro tem; Registrar
Michelle Gritter Michelle Gritter, M.Div. M.A.
Instructor in Counselling Psychology
Gavin Hall Gavin Hall, MDiv. ThM
Associate Professor of Christian Ministries
Dennis Hiebert Dennis Hiebert, Ph.D.
Professor of Sociology
Luann Hiebert Luann Hiebert, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of English Literature; Early Alert Coordinator
Val Hiebert Val Hiebert, Ph.D. (Cand.)
Assistant Professor of Sociology
David Iremadze David Iremadze, Ph.D.
Director of Buller School of Business
Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of TESOL
Christopher Lortie Christopher Lortie, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Heather Macumber Heather Macumber, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies
Morgan Mulenga Morgan Mulenga, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Tim Perry Tim Perry, Ph.D.
Dean of the Seminary; Professor of Theology
Janice Priess Janice Priess, M.A.
Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology
Catherine Rust-Akinbolaji Catherine Rust-Akinbolaji, M.A.
UC Dean; Assistant Professor of TESOL; MLI Director
Laura Vander Velden Laura Vander Velden, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Counselling Psychology
Glenys Wirch Glenys Wirch, CPGC, D.Min.
Associate Professor of Counselling Psychology
Lissa Wray Beal Lissa Wray Beal, Ph.D.
Professor of Old Testament

Sessional Faculty

Erik Anderson Erik Anderson
Adjunct Faculty
Joel Banman Joel Banman
Adjunct Faculty
Nicole Barnabé Nicole Barnabé
Instructor of Human Resource Management
Jonathan Bonk Jonathan Bonk
Director of the Dictionary of African Christian Biography
Karen Brglez Karen Brglez
Instructor of History
Lois Climenhaga Lois Climenhaga
Instructor of Language
Brianne Collins Brianne Collins, Ph.D.
Instructor of Psychology
Aaron Doherty Aaron Doherty
Instructor of Aviation
James Driedger James Driedger
Teaching Assistant
Irene Fakankun Irene Fakankun
Science Lecturer
Lowell Friesen Lowell Friesen
Instructor of Philosophy
Bruce Friesen-Pankratz Bruce Friesen-Pankratz
Instructor of Environmental Science
Tim Fry Tim Fry
Instructor of Commercial Law
Jeremy Funk Jeremy Funk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Stan Hamm Stan Hamm, Ph.D.
Assoc. Prof of Educational & Christian Studies
Justin Harvey Justin Harvey
Instructor of History
Amber Hiebert Amber Hiebert
Science Instructor; Field Education Coordinator
David Johnson David Johnson
Adjunct Professor of New Testament
Luke Kim Luke Kim
Instructor of Aviation
Darryl Klassen Darryl Klassen
Adjunct Faculty
Mat Lortie Mat Lortie
Sessional Faculty
Debra Maertins Debra Maertins
Instructor of TESOL
Kara Mandryk Kara Mandryk, D.W.S.
Sessional Instructor
Cameron McKenzie Cameron McKenzie, M.Div.
Associate Professor of Old Testament
Gillian McKirdy Gillian McKirdy
Adjunct Faculty
John McNeill John McNeill, Ph.D.
Instructor of Missions and Anthropology
Marc Moir Marc Moir, B.A.
Instructor in Theatre
Freddy Muganza Freddy Muganza
Instructor of Chemistry
Jan Nerenberg Jan Nerenberg
Instructor in Counselling Psychology
Ed Neufeld Ed Neufeld, Ph.D.
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Studies
Pierre Normandeau Pierre Normandeau
Sessional Faculty
Gordon Oeste Gordon Oeste
Adjunct Professor OT
Mee Hee Park Mee Hee Park
Instructor of Language
Lindsey Post Lindsey Post
Executive Assistant, External Relations; Instructor of History
Alex Pursaga Alex Pursaga
Instructor of Economics
Dorothea Schulz Dorothea Schulz
Instructor of Language
Katy Shimp Katy Shimp
Instructor of Language
Miriam Shymko Miriam Shymko
Lab Instructor
Corey Sigvaldason Corey Sigvaldason
Adjunct Faculty
Al Thiessen Al Thiessen
Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology
Willie Wiebe Willie Wiebe, B.Mus.
Instructor of Guitar, Director of Guitar Ensemble

Faculty Emeriti

Rod Buxton Rod Buxton, D.Min.
Associate Professor Emeritus of Counselling Psychology
Louise Cornell Louise Cornell, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita of Education Studies
Bill Derksen Bill Derksen, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Music Studies
August Konkel August Konkel, Ph.D.
President Emeritus, Professor of Old Testament
Gail Tiessen Gail Tiessen
Professor Emerita of TESOL
Terrance Tiessen Terrance Tiessen
Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology and Ethics