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A Music Education Tailored to You

At Providence University College, you’ll receive a music education that’s broad and comprehensive in scope. Whether you’re looking for a degree that offers you a solid foundation in music or one that is more specific to music performance, composition, ethnomusicology, theory and musicology, you’ll receive an education that will prepare you for a variety of music occupations, including church music, performance, and education.

You’ll study with talented faculty who are highly regarded in their fields. They are active provincially, nationally, and internationally, and belong to a variety of professional organizations. You’ll benefit from access to large practice rooms and a magnificent Bösendorfer piano. By studying in a Christian environment, you’ll come to understand the special relationship between music and faith, and learn how music can bring people together, including people from different faith backgrounds.

4 Years
Bachelor of Arts
Music Advanced Major
4 Years
Bachelor of Arts
Music Honours Major (with concentration)
3 Years
Bachelor of Arts
Music Major
Combine with any Major

For Entrance into the Music program

Students will receive training in three core areas of music study - Music Theory, Music History and Music Performance.  Developing skills in these areas will enable the students to pursue additional undergraduate as well as graduate studies in any music discipline.

Acceptance into the music program is contingent upon successful application to Providence University College.  No audition is required for entrance into the program.  There are no prerequisites for the general music major program, however students must maintain a grade of C- or better in all music courses.

Program Concentration Requirements

Students getting a Bachelor of Arts in Music Honours Major may choose from the following concentrations:

  • History
  • Music Theory
  • Composition Concentration
    • Acceptance into the program by the music faculty based on a minimum of two original compositions.
  • Performance Concentration
    • A minimum GPA of 3.0 on first and second year Music Juries.
    • Acceptance into the program by the music faculty based on the second year Jury.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please look to the Academic Calendar for full information and course lists. If there are discrepancies between the information listed here and in the Academic Calendar, the Academic Calendar is definitive.

  • Music and Culture
  • Music Theory
  • Musicianship
  • Baroque Music History
  • Music since 1945
  • Conducting I & II
  • Applied Composition
  • Music in Christian Worship
  • Church Music Repertoire
  • Anthropology of Music

David Sawatzky, D.M.A. (Program Coordinator)Associate Professor of Music

Tracey Sawatzky, B.Mus. Instructor of Piano, Performing Arts School Assistant

David Klassen, M.A. Instructor of Music and Theatre

Bill Derksen, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Music Studies

Laurelle Froese, M.Mus Instructor of Voice

Willie Wiebe, B.Mus. Instructor of Guitar, Director of Guitar Ensemble

Nicholas Mullin, B.Mus. Director of Worship Bands

Catherine Rust-Akinbolaji, M.A. UC Dean; Assistant Professor of TESOL; MLI Director

Our graduates have gone on to pursue careers in a variety of different fields, from careers in music education to composition, church music, performance, and music business.  Many of our music graduates have pursued graduate degrees throughout North America, and are currently employed in a variety of contexts, from faculty members at major institutions to performers throughout the country.