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Mile Two Community

Community Life

We strive to follow the example of the first disciples of Jesus by living in community with each other. As a Mile Two student you will be a part of a community that cares for you, accepts you and seeks to bring the best out of you. Spending time together in the classroom, chapel or cafeteria are just some of the ways we want to foster a strong community. 

"I can't imagine where I would be without God's leading into Mile Two. He couldn't have planned a more perfect year for all of us. I pray that we will always remember the uncountable blessing that we receive that year." - Sydney Krahn, 2015 Mile Two Certificate

Terms and Covenants

As a part of the Providence community, we hold and teach the essential doctrines of the Christian faith embraced by evangelicals as described in our Statement of Faith and Covenant of Community Life. Students must also agree to the following Terms of Commitment:

  • I will do my best to make following Jesus my primary goal.
  • I will participate fully, to the best of my ability, in every area of Mile Two. This includes classroom time, service opportunities, worship time, dorm life and generally all of community life.
  • I will not engage in any activity that would be detrimental to the health of the Mile Two community or to my own health – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
  • I will submit to the authority of the staff of Mile Two, my pastor and my mentor.

Residence life is a major part of the Mile Two experience because living on campus helps students develop connections between faith, learning and living. 

Build relationships as you dive into the Bible. The Mile Two classroom includes comfortable chairs and tables for study and discussion and has a lounge used for group devotion and break times.

Students eat their meals in the Reimer Student Life Centre on campus. Delicious food and great fellowship are always an excellent way to build community on campus.

  1. Dying to Self - Becoming a follower of Jesus means dying to our self and giving all of our life to Jesus. We cannot hold on to anything that contests our devotion to God. Everything in us that competes with Jesus must fall away as we take up our cross daily to follow Him.
  2. Intimacy with God - God is our Father. That makes us sons and daughters. We are created to live in intimate relationship with God as our Father and to find our entire identity and value in being His children.
  3. Holy Spirit Empowerment - Daily dependence on the power of the Holy Spirit is essential to a life of discipleship. The Spirit works through disciples to produce great fruit in our lives and to give us gifts to accomplish Kingdom work.
  4. Right Relationships - We seek to live in peace and unity with those around us, believers and unbelievers. To love our neighbor as ourselves means to give and receive forgiveness quickly and to seek reconciliation and healing where it is needed. We continually show love and kindness to everyone we are in relationship with.
  5. Biblical Truth - God reveals Himself to us through His written Word. The Bible is the salvation story where God redeems His people and makes Himself known to the world. Through Scripture we know God and His voice speaks to us as we read. We seek to read thoroughly, respectfully, and obediently. The words of Scripture are life to us.
  6. Kingdom and Church - As followers of Jesus we are committed to His bride, the Church. We seek to strengthen our local churches and to plant new groups of growing disciples who meet together to further the Kingdom of God. In all we do, we lay down our kingdoms to advance His kingdom.
  7. Evangelism and Compassion - We cannot help but share what God has given us. We show compassion by giving of our time and material resources to those in need, knowing that we are giving to Jesus. We also share the good news of Jesus wherever we see opportunity, at home or around the world.