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Day 4 Prov

Come together to celebrate the impact Providence has had on students past and present! Give back and join #Day4Prov! 

People like you give to Providence because of the difference that Providence makes. They want to be a part of it. Tell your Providence story, encourage your friends to do the same, and give a gift that matters. All gifts, no matter their amounts, mean more than just dollars - they celebrate the impact of Providence on students who learn to be leaders of character, knowledge and faith to serve Christ in a changing world. Gifts given today will support The Providence Fund.

Giving a gift matters! We are looking to have 123 people partner with us at our annual Day 4 Prov. Give any amount to move us forward towards this goal! All gifts, no matter their amount, help unlock challenges which will donate more dollars!

Hoodies, tees, hats - rep your Providence paraphernalia today, proudly displaying your support! Take a picture in your gear and share it using the #Day4Prov hashtag!

You are a social media influencer. Your posts helps spread the word about Providence, challenging your friends to do the same! Post, repost, and share to show your support using the hashtag #Day4Prov!

Give Now!

Your gift directly supports students like Natalya!

"After visiting campus and practicing with the basketball team, I knew that Providence was a place where I would learn what it means to live out my faith while doing what I love."

We are so thankful to have had four challenges to help us achieve our goals for our last Day 4 Prov event. Let us know if you would like to partner with us as a Challenger for next year's Day 4 Prov event!

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