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Providence extends many alumni benefits to you — whether you graduated decades or days ago. From tuition discounts to access to the William Falk Library, you deserve the perks that come along with being part of our dynamic alumni network.


Tuition Discounts

If you're looking to study at Providence, you are eligible for one of the following per semester:

  • Full-Credit Course: 50% OFF tuition
  • Audit Course: 100% OFF tuition

To apply, please fill out the Alumni Student Bursary Form. 

For more information, contact the Registrar Office.

Come see our newest campus developments, program enhancements, and experience student life on your own personal tour. Free lunch included! Book a Campus Visit

We believe that we are a community united by the power of prayer and we want to pray for you. Please email our Alumni Relations Coordinator with your request. 

Enjoy a one-year membership at the William Falk Library and get access to all our materials for only $20. Contact our Head Librarian for more information.


Contact our Alumni Coordinator